Imagine yourself achieving previously unattainable goals
and creating the business and life you desire.

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One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching provides a proven pathway to goal attainment, personal fulfillment and professional excellence.

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Hogan Assessments

Hogan Assessment Leadership Forecast Series is a robust personality assessment for leadership capacity building and employee selection, development and cultural fit.

You deserve a coach because your aspirations matter!

As we travel through life, we often encounter barriers that prevent us from reaching greener pastures. Mentally, those barriers come in the form of biases, assumptions and distortions. We may have created them for good reasons, but today they stand in the way of expansive possibilities and greater achievement. Let's tear down those mental fences and build a better future! A coach is a skilled listener and guide. As a coach, I help my clients deconstruct their mental barriers. Then, I help them access and build their strengths and resources to achieve remarkable goals.




Why Executive and Leadership Coaching?

Fulfilling Potential

Overcome roadblocks and accomplish your goals. To reach your potential, we begin with a series of questions and proceed with the facilitation of new skills. On the way, we develop metacognitive strategies to address mental biases, assumptions and distortions that each of us must overcome on our path to success.


Effective leadership requires excellent communication. Many a business leaders started a business or was tapped to lead a business because of technical excellence. Good communication skills are necessary for a business leader to grow the business and maintain its competitiveness. Let's work on your communication!

Successful Change

Change marks each of our paths through life. How we manage change determines whether we navigate it successfully or are satisfied with the outcome. Change asks us to make adaptive adjustments and see the world in profoundly different ways. Change is hard. Why go through change alone?

Life Balance

We all voice a desire for life balance. However, few of us prioritize balance and even fewer work to achieve it. If we want to flourish, balance matters. Come explore where you may be out of balance and commit to a fulfilling life.

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Experience Coaching with Tim Holmes

Executive and Performance Coaching; CEO Roundtable Facilitation

Speaking and Teaching

Successful Team Development

Business Ownership and Management Experience

Coaching Certificate from Northwestern University

Hogan Assessment Certificate

I believe in your ability to succeed.

I help you find your way with highly personalized steps and solutions.

I commit to your progress and keep you accountable to your plan.

We won't dwell on the past - we'll work toward your future.

We'll focus on your vision for your personal and professional life.

Because your life matters, growth is necessary.

We establish realistic goals and work towards them.

I will challenge you so that you get the results you want.

Coaching is a no-judgment zone.

It is important to maintain a positive outlook.

I will always hold you in the best possible regard.