I have heard a coach defined as a pathfinder.
I define a coach as a pathkeeper. Once you choose your path,
a coach helps you follow your path with excellence and fulfillment.

Hi, I’m Tim

Fundamentally, a coach trains or guides a person to a higher level of performance. A coach has deep faith in a client’s ability to change, improve and excel. I have that faith.

When I consider a client, I picture a vast plain of capability, creativity and capacity. I enjoy working with clients to create their future goals and discover the resources they have to reach those goals.

However, I understand that as people go through life, they construct fences and gates that bar them access to all of their resources. Those fences and gates may be very old. Fences and gates manifest themselves as “mental models,” “immunities to change,” “destructive inferences,” “distortions” or “negative language.”

As a coach, I want to help my clients tear down fences and open gates. I want to see them walking toward their desired destination using their strengths and new skills. I coach so that my clients can access the fullness of who they are and wander into the wilderness of their own life...full of potential and possibility.


Current Roles

Executive & Performance Coach, Speaker and Hogan Assessment Practitioner, Valley Executive Solutions, Based in Arizona and Serving Clients Nationwide

Chair, C12 Group, CEO Roundtables and Coaching, Metro Phoenix, Arizona

Business Leadership

Co-Founder & Managing Principal, Genesis Research & Asset Management, LLC, Chicago, Illinois and Fountain Hills, Arizona

Chief Investment Officer, Kingsbury Capital, LLC, Chicago, Illinois

Co-Owner & Managing Member, Futrex Trading, LLC, Chicago, Illinois

Consultation and Care

Chaplain, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois

Minister of Worship and Care for the Vespers Community, Christ Church of Oak Brook, Oak Brook, Illinois



Northwestern University, Organizational & Leadership Coaching Certification, March 2017

University of Chicago Divinity School, Master of Divinity, June 2006

University of Pittsburgh, MA Mathematics, May 1983

Kalamazoo College, BA Mathematics & BA Physics, June 1981



Values I espouse as a coach