Coaching is a journey of exploration and curiosity.
The value to the client is the discovery
of personal values, abilities and potential.

What Clients Need to Know


My client base consists of business owners and executives in a range of business stages and industry sectors. Many owners have reached the third stage of their business development. They have gone through the start up stage and have a stable business. Now they are ready to begin to invest and grow again. With this group, the need for adaptive change is high. Some are emerging leaders, managers transitioning roles, or sons and daughters taking over the family business. Their needs may include leadership capacity building, communication skills and change management. Others are corporate executives seeking new goals and work-life balance. In addition, I work with key players and teams. Across the leadership spectrum, those who truly benefit from coaching have common characteristics. They are lifelong learners, have a growth mindset, and are willing and eager to improve.


In my initial conversations with clients, we discuss what they want to achieve. We talk about possible approaches, a time frame, the nature of the work and how I work with clients. In addition, we determine the mode of communication, frequency of sessions, cost and report schedule. We set boundaries that limit my coaching, detail the information that is shared and structure the relationship. During scoping, I explain that I am not a therapist and my work is limited to the specific goals of the client. If the initial sessions require additional assessment, the contract for that work takes place at a later session. The scope of the work may be revised due to circumstances that arise during the coaching process; e.g., the nature of the problem or the needs of the client change.


I am the client’s coach and keep confidential whatever the client desires. With a third party involved, I execute a written agreement detailing what information is shared, what remains private and what conditions require communication and confidentiality changes. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


As a coach, I honor the level of commitment all parties bring to the engagement. For the sponsor, what is the financial commitment, time horizon, client access and company information? How committed is the sponsor to the process and to the client? Is the sponsor supportive of the client's learning through coaching? Will the sponsor tolerate the client testing various behaviors and change initiatives that arise during the coaching? I assess the client's level of commitment. It helps me to know what motivates the client to change or adapt to new demands. How much does the client value change and the coaching process? For my part, I am invested in the client's change and the goals the client wants to achieve. I want success for my clients and will challenge them to reach their aspirations.

Key Elements

My coaching approach begins with a client-informed discovery phase. The discovery phase may happen prior to engagement. Once the contract begins, the client and I discuss methods, development plans and objectives. Coaching sessions have different formats. If the client participates in the C12 Group roundtable, coaching once a month proves adequate for many members' development needs because the roundtable peer group works in conjunction with coaching. If the client in C12 Group requires more feedback, I add a monthly half an hour call. For individual coaching clients, I recommend two to three meetings a month over six months. At the end of our time, I use a transition plan and if the client wants to continue, we establish new objectives. Without new objectives, a year would be the maximum time. However, the engagement could change to a once a month check-up. For business leaders, coaching is a valuable resource. Therefore, with established relationships, I offer ad-hoc, short coaching sessions on an as needed basis. For these leaders, a coach can be a sounding board to help them rise above the din of day-to-day responsibilities and think strategically. As a C12 Group Chair, I fill this role and will offer it to others. Progress reports are situational. Some clients monitor their own progress, and my part involves a conversational recap of where we were and where we currently reside. Others like a more formal report such as conversation tracking reports with a development focus. If a third party is involved, I report on the progress made as it aligns with the Development Plan.


Personal & Professional Impact

I have invested in business coaching in the past with highly accomplished and recognized (and expensive) business coaches. None have been as impactful as Tim. What makes all of this work is his deep level of care. When you can package immense capability with a deep level of care, you have a world class product. Tim is world class. … Read more “Personal & Professional Impact”

Joe Rice
JD International "Hotel Recruiter--Building Companies And Solving Problems"

Uncover Mental Models

His approach was “gently persistent,” encouraging me to dig deep for answers about this mental model’s purpose. Tim created the space I needed to reflect on this behavior that has lurked in my blind spot for decades and provided the support I needed to face it with courage.… Read more “Uncover Mental Models”

Kay Doyle
Director, Investor Relations Green Plains, Inc.

“I always felt better after our conversation”

Our sessions really made me do two really important things. First, take time to stop and reflect. Second, explore tough questions – the answers to many of which were within me that you helped me find.… Read more ““I always felt better after our conversation””

Mark Kite
Business Development Manager, Training to You

Immunity Map Success

Tim is someone who is trusted, confident, patient, and able to guide me through a difficult process of introspection. I am indebted to this process and his personal commitment to me.… Read more “Immunity Map Success”

Oscar Ramirez
C12 Group Chair

Tim helped me regain my personal brand

Tim is a great listener, shows genuine care and provides the right balance of encouragement and constructive coaching. He not only helped me reach my goals, he emphasized the importance of discovering methods that would work for me – ensuring that they fit my personality and lifestyle, and would be sustainable in the long-term. … Read more “Tim helped me regain my personal brand”

Joanna Lawson
Partner Development Manager, Rosie on the House

Career Clarity

Tim helped me quickly sort through my emotions, and get to a rational decision about this career change. … Read more “Career Clarity”

Pat Humphrey
Accenture, Sr. Managing Director

Significant Productivity Gains

By working together and following through with our strategies, I have had the best quarter in the history of my career! Without a doubt, I would recommend you to anyone looking to grow either personally or professionally.… Read more “Significant Productivity Gains”

Jeff Evans
Senior Associate, Joseph David International