What Hogan Measures

Hogan consists of three assessments.  Hogan designed the three assessments to evaluate how others perceive of the person assessed.  Thus, Hogan measures reputation.

Hogan Assessment’s practical job entails the prediction of occupational success.

  • Values: The work environment you will strive to create
  • Strengths: Characteristics you possess to create success
  • Risks: performance risks that could get in the way of success

HPI measures strengths and can be used for employee selection, career pathing, career coaching, individual assessment of strengths, promotion and succession planning.

HDS measures risks or derailers that can create barriers to success and is used for coaching and development, high-level positional selection, team functioning and selection for safety-sensitive jobs.

MVPI measures a person’s values and is used to determine compatibility with an organizations culture, employee motivation factors, career motivation and the preferred leadership environment.

Assessment Applications