Personal & Professional Impact

Tim is the chairman of C12, a Christian business leadership & coaching community for Christian CEO’s, Presidents, and Business Owners. Upon becoming a member of C12, I’ve been fortunate to receive one on one mentorship from Tim. Tim does not toot his own horn, so it takes time to peel back the onion and realize we’re not dealing with a plow horse here. He’s a high powered thoroughbred race horse that can move with power and speed. His intelligence and ability to quickly disseminate information allows him to provide insights that go far beyond the obvious. His insights aren’t broad brush. He can get very granular in understanding specific businesses and provide deep, meaningful, specific insights that can help you move your business forward in a way that creates lasting strategic value. I have invested in business coaching in the past with highly accomplished and recognized (and expensive) business coaches. None have been as impactful as Tim. What makes all of this work is his deep level of care. When you can package immense capability with a deep level of care, you have a world class product. Tim is world class. I’m blessed that I’m a C12 member and I am in a select group of individuals that has direct access to Tim and the immense personal and professional impact he can make. I know that when I glance backward in 5-10 years, joining C12 and meeting Tim will be the greatest positive inflection point in my life, and in my business.

Joe Rice
JD International "Hotel Recruiter--Building Companies And Solving Problems"

Significant Productivity Gains

Tim, I wanted to thank you for the amazing insights and knowledge you have shared with me over the last eight weeks. I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first time working with a business coach. You clearly communicated how we could work together to achieve my goals, and we did. You helped me see the value of my time, how to prioritize tasks and be significantly more productive. Most of this was done by looking at the value of my time and importance of my tasks from a different perspective while creating a game plan for improvement. I felt that you were fully engaged in our meetings and that you really wanted me to succeed. By working together and following through with our strategies, I have had the best quarter in the history of my career! Without a doubt, I would recommend you to anyone looking to grow either personally or professionally.

Jeff Evans
Senior Associate, Joseph David International

Career Clarity

I worked with Tim to help me sort through one of my most significant career steps. Tim helped me quickly sort through my emotions, and get to a rational decision about this career change. He pushed me, and asked the tough questions that I needed to hear. He helped my make a hard decision easier to face. I really appreciated having him there to help me.

Pat Humphrey
Accenture, Sr. Managing Director

Tim helped me regain my personal brand

Tim is a great listener, shows genuine care and provides the right balance of encouragement and constructive coaching. He not only helped me reach my goals, he emphasized the importance of discovering methods that would work for me – ensuring that they fit my personality and lifestyle, and would be sustainable in the long-term. In addition to these tools, Tim unearthed other overarching areas of improvement in my life that indirectly affected my ability to improve in my original focus areas. This self-realization process catapulted me into a passionate exploration of personal development in positive psychology, the effects of negative self-talk and importance of personal branding. As a marketing professional, I’ve been so focused on building other companies’ brand stories that I lost sight of my own personal brand! Tim helped me regain my personal brand perspective and helped me re-focus on branding myself.

Joanna Lawson
Partner Development Manager, Rosie on the House

Uncover Mental Models

Tim helped me uncover a mental model that has been creating far more negatives than positives in my life. His approach was “gently persistent,” encouraging me to dig deep for answers about this mental model’s purpose. Tim created the space I needed to reflect on this behavior that has lurked in my blind spot for decades and provided the support I needed to face it with courage.

Kay Doyle
Director, Investor Relations Green Plains, Inc.

“I always felt better after our conversation”

I wanted to personally express my gratitude for the coaching we recently completed.  Our sessions really made me do two really important things.  First, take time to stop and reflect.  Second, explore tough questions – the answers to many of which were within me that you helped me find.

I am confident that your valuable insight has improved me both personally and professionally.  Because of our work together, I’ve improved my leadership skills and changed the way I look at problem resolution.  I also wanted to expressly thank you for listening to and guiding me through the change that my organization has been going through.  To sum it up, probably the best way I can phrase it is “I always felt better after our conversation”.

Mark Kite
Business Development Manager, Training to You

Immunity Map Success

Tim Holmes has been a great resource for me in coaching me through the Immunity Map process. As a new business owner in my current role, I have struggled with having the discipline around the Sales process that is necessary to grow my business. In working through this tool, he has coached me with patience and a keen sense of understanding of where I was at in the process. His encouragement and weekly homework have allowed me to confront many of my blind spots. I am confident in his skills and feel that a trusted relationship has been developed that has laid the foundation to go deeper and learn the process of effective change in my life. Tim is someone who is trusted, confident, patient, and able to guide me through a difficult process of introspection. I am indebted to this process and his personal commitment to me.

Oscar Ramirez
C12 Group Chair